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Need the best article directory script? WSN Knowledge Base will prove invaluable to your countent marketing strategy. It can autopost RSS feeds of prepared content from around the internet, be deployed as a CMS, or used as a simple knowledge base. The rich text editor allows easy composition. WSN KB offers a vast array of features and the option to translate to any language.

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WSN Knowledge Base version 9.0.25 was released on Thursday, September 18, 2014 with these changes:

  • Fixed administrator permissions.
  • Fixed {FORM variables in templates.
  • Fixed registration default use guest default style.
  • Fixed changing site title and description.
  • Fixed wysi editor change anomolies.
  • All avatars now shown as thumbnails for extra security.
  • Antivirus now lists last modification time of evil files.
  • Real time automatic gzipping of sql backups, instead of delayed processing.
  • Switch for security questions on new IP and password reset.

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