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Need the best article directory script? WSN Knowledge Base will prove invaluable to your countent marketing strategy. It can autopost RSS feeds of prepared content from around the internet, be deployed as a CMS, or used as a simple knowledge base. The rich text editor allows easy composition. WSN KB offers a vast array of features and the option to translate to any language.

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WSN Knowledge Base version 9.1.10 was released on Monday, February 23, 2015 with these changes:

  • Fixed multilingual setup error.
  • Fixed missing month names on add/edit events.
  • Fixed removing required field through field manager.
  • Fixed toprightad zindex unclickability.
  • Prevented admins from setting max file sizes that are too small.
  • Min-height 60% on .main to keep footer toward bottom.
  • Default theme changes.
  • Added option to limit members checked by duplicate member checker.
  • Added click tracking to ad manager.

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